- Identität stärken, Integration fördern, Akzeptanz schaffen -

Oromo Horn von Afrika Zentrum e.V.

Founded as a German-African meeting place, the Oromo Horn of Africa Center began its activity in Berlin-Wedding in 1985, making it one of the oldest and most renowned associations for migration in Berlin.

The tasks of the association was at that time as today the advancement of acceptance in
a multicultural society in which the successful design of integration means equality for all.

The Oromo Horn of Africa Center is a central point in all areas of integration assistance,           and a contact point for refugees, which provides active help to improve migration.

The association assists with public authorities (social welfare office, job center, foreigners registration office etc.), offers translation work, individual counseling and helps in arranging for legal assistance.
The center also offers language training, supports school projects and give awareness-raising seminars for ethnic minorities in Germany.

The Oromo Horn of Africa Center also stands for the preservation of the values ​​and roots of migrants from various parts of Africa in exchange and encounters.
Another focus of the center is the education of the people of the Oromo, the indigenous people of East Africa. Which represents the second largest ethnic group in Africa with approx 50 million people and which has been repeatedly exposed to massive human rights violations since the colonization of its country.